About Us

Membership in LAAT is open to any employed legal administrator/assistant legal administrator, regardless of the title by which the individual is recognized within his or her own organization. See membership application for details on eligibility.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month from 11:45-1:00.

See Upcoming Events for details of the meeting schedule.

Board of Directors:

President                        Audrey Frazier                                   Phipps & Howell

Past President               Peggy Smith                                       Ausley McMullen

Vice President               Jan DiDomenico                                Ausley McMullen

Secretary                         Elizabeth Davis                                 Sniffen & Spellman, PA

Treasurer                        Sandra Tate                                        Fonvielle Lewis Foote & Messer

Director                           Juli Burch                                           Akerman LLP

Director                          Christine Childs                                 Guilday Law